About DesignScape

DesignScape interiors is the brainchild of Mrs.Geetha and Mr.Vijay. With a good ten years of experience in the field of residential interiors we have come up with very many ideas to design and execute rich and glorius projects. We sat hours together to plan and execute some trends that are not so easily available in Chennai.

We are constantly striving hard 24/7 to bring in the best to Chennai city and make it more trendier at the same time in pocket friendly budgets. As of now many trendy and stylish decors are almost not available in Chennai or are available only on demand.

We are working very hard to make such items available in our city as well. Designing in softwares is just one aspect of the interiors.

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Executing it to the ‘T’ is not so easy unless one has clarity in what they are doing.  Perfection comes with experience. We definitely are sure about that. We choose our workers and labourers very carefully.  All of them are quite well mannered.

They are quite professional and do not bother the clients in any way. We are also soon launching home decor products at our premises itself. Hope to meet more and more clients in our office and be a part of  your dream home imaginations being fullfilled.

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